Hello, I'm Adrian Nadeau

I'm a Software Junkie.
Proud Father.
Loving Life

About Me

About Me

About Me.

Outstanding, talented, Senior Application Engineer with 20+ years of development in multiple programming languages.
Passionate leader focusing on solution design and customer user experience.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with family and friends, along with coaching hockey and baseball and being outside.

I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, while having fun!

Software Junkie

Web Developement

Experienced application developer that utilizes web browsers and technology to perform tasks over the Internet, with responsive designs for the web and mobile devices.

API Management

Experenced building applications that gather data from multiple systems to create a visually appealing and easy to read dashboard!

Software Junkie

Always looking for new software and technicalogies to develop your customized solution.

My Skills

I am skilled in wide range of web and other digital development tools.

Over my 20 years of development I've gathered a number of web application, database, server and numourous other skills.

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  • 01- Design And Collaboration Tools

  • 02- Multiple Development Languages

  • 03- Backend Server and Database

  • 04- Testing Suites

  • 05- Continuous Integration Processes

My Testimonials

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Dave Veale - HC.E.C, P.C.C.

"Adrian is someone that a non-technical person like myself can rely on...he has a fabulous work ethic and brings a wealth of experience to the table. I feel very fortunate to have had Adrian work on and/or build Vision Coaching's most important applications (Coach Gateway, etc.). I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to leverage technology in an intuitive, user friendly way!"

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Trevor MacAusland - Economic Development Manager

"Adrian's blend of customer service and expertise is a perfect mix for a winning formula. He brings a positive attitude to any challenge and delivers the results even when pressured by tight deadlines. You shouldn't hesitate to have Adrian on your side, he's the ultimate team mate!"

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Mike Wiggins - Mind Hive Creations

The best word to describe Adrian is "responsive". Ade is always quick to respond with any issue. Even if he is not sure of the answer, he is quick to inform you that he is working on an answer. This may seem like a canned summary of someone in the IT Field, but any customer will tell you, it is an extremely valuable trait to have in any industry.

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Oren Frankl - Trade Credit Insurance Underwriter - New Business at Export Development Canada

"Adrian is a creative and skilled problem-solver. He is always friendly and level-headed. He would be an asset in any professional endeavour or challenge he chooses to tackle."

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Ivan Sisco - CEO Global Business Development

"I have known Adrian for over a decade and I will say he is a great guy that always does what he says he is going to do. Starting Evolving Solutions from scratch turning it into a profitable yet cutting edge business with his brother Chris is not an easy task. I highly recommend Adrian's knowledge & services."

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David Alston - Founder and Coach Marketswell Solutions

"Adrian worked hard behind the scenes to pull together our Twebinar application - a world-first type of Twitter-meets-Webinar solution that we used a number of times in 2009. I certainly appreciated his presence on each one of the twebinars we did as well to help with any technical tweaks and questions - something that was not part of the contract but something he went above and beyond to do."

Get In Touch

Contact Details

Feel free to contact me anytime! Follow me on any of my social networks or just send me a note if you'd like to go for a coffee.

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, E2L 1S4
Phone: (506) 639 - 3357
Email: adrian@adriannadeau.com