Hello, I'm Adrian Nadeau

Software Junkie.
Loving Life.

About Me.

I am a prime example of how things in your life can change but they can't change who you are. As a child I dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. When that dream didn't happen I found myself loving Information Technology. I owned my own IT business for 10 years with my brother Chris Nadeau and then moved on to become a Software Solutions Designer for a number of large companies. As I continued to adapt and change through my life, the biggest change was yet come...

On March 1st, 2012 I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Months later I fell in love with art. Art and I discovered one another. It's been years now and I’m feeling great, and I’ve found creating art to be a very healing and relaxing activity.

After some time and healing, I was able to return to my other passion, the software World. I've been back working for over 5 years now and am very grateful for what I have.

Lots of love, Adrian

Software Junkie

Software Junkie: a person with a compulsive habit or obsessive dependency on software frameworks and tools.

API Management

Through an API management solution, an organization can guarantee that web apps, mobile devices and all other devices can securely access data when needed.

Big Data

Ways to analyze and extract information from multiple sources. Visually analyze current customers to assist with growing business.


Always keeping up with the times. Currently working with Node.js, Express.js, Anuglar, MongoDB... and all new technologies as the arrive!

"Adrian's blend of customer service and expertise is a perfect mix for a winning formula. He brings a positive attitude to any challenge and delivers the results even when pressured by tight deadlines. You shouldn't hesitate to have Adrian on your side, he's the ultimate team mate!"

Trevor MacAusland Trevor MacAusland Economic Development Officer at ACOA - APECA

"Adrian is someone that a non-technical person like myself can rely on...he has a fabulous work ethic and brings a wealth of experience to the table. I feel very fortunate to have had Adrian work on and/or build Vision Coaching's most important applications (Coach Gateway, etc.). I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to leverage technology in an intuitive, user friendly way!"

Dave Veale Dave Veale HC.E.C, P.C.C.

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I'm happy to connect, listen and help. Whether it's software, talking about sports or just having a coffee, let's work together and build something memoriable. Let's turn your idea to something memorable. Email Me.